A Plus Plastics has accepted the challenge of reducing its carbon foot print on the environment by embarking on a major overhaul of its carbon emitting machinery.

During the past eight years the company has been diligent in choosing machinery that is environmentally friendly and more efficient to run. The current moulding machinery at A Plus Plastics has the latest in inverter technology. Resulting in the use of less electricity which is better for our environment along with higher efficiency. Helping A Plus Plastics stay in front of the competition.
As an example of the A Plus Plastics commitment to energy efficiency, an independent company was commissioned to monitor energy consumption on an ‘old verses new basis’.

Two machines were chosen for this test; one machine having the older, constant load pump verses the newer ‘inverter’ electrically controlled machine.

Each machine was tested running an identical product over a twenty-four-hour period.

The results were astonishing: The older machine has used 810kwh of energy. Whereby the newer machine had consumed just 375kwh of energy over the same time period. In addition, the newer machine had also produced 15% more product.

The result is proof of A Plus Plastic’s commitment to our environment and the reduction of our company’s carbon footprint.