Metcash’s State of the art materials


About Metcash

With over One Million items picked, stored, packed, loaded and transported to Metcash’ s independent retailers across NSW each week. Together with an average of Fifteen Thousand shipping pallets transported into Metcash’ s Huntingwood distribution centre. Metcash have improved their delivery mechanisms and service to customers with the implementation of their new state of the art spilt case materials handling automation system: Brumby.

The Goal

Ken Bean Metcash’s Chief Logistics Officer tells us;

There are ‘three things I’m looking for out of the investment. The first one is to provide a safe working environment for my people, first and foremost. The second thing I’m looking for is a more efficient delivery model to our customers and this investment will give us that. And the third thing I’m looking for is a more productive and sustainable business model for Metcash. So the investment we have is probably a Twenty-year investment…as our range might grow we can easily cater for that…it actually gives us scalability and capability to grow into the future’.

How A+Plastics & Tooling helped Metcash to achieve their goal

Metcash initially approached us with their transfer crate concept. The scope being to design custom moulded picking totes based on European standards that would meet the storage container requirements of the Metcash Australian branches. The goal being to improve the ergonomic handling of physical items and the environment in which the Metcash team works.

Utilising APP’s design, plastic product prototyping and production tooling expertise. APP were able to provide Metcash with a single turnkey solution. Assisting Metcash throughout the materials handling solutions process they required including the capability to undertake large scale production runs.

How APP can assist you with your Materials Handling project

With over 40 years of experience providing our customers with innovative custom plastics solutions APP can provide the design and custom tooling prototyping expertise required to assist you in creating the injection, vacuum, die cast or blow moulds you require.

If you’re seeking a product ‘straight out of the box’ APP can provide you with a range of Materials Handling options with our extensive OKKA products range.