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CNC Machining

Group Tooling specialises in providing CNC engineering solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Our CNC and engineering services include:

• Component design including 3D design

Prototype manufacture to exact specifications

• Research and development assistance

• Plastic fabrication

• High volume CNC repetition machining

• Four-axis/milling, turning & tapping

• MIG & Arc welding services

• Heat treatment on metals

• Plating / anodising metals

• Powder coating CNC products

• Component assembly of machined parts

• Spark Erosion

Group Tooling have an experienced team of Toolmakers specialising in the design and manufacture of injection moulds, die casting, vacuum forming and blow moulds. Our tool room is backed by the latest Pro-Engineer and Solid Works design software, CAD/CAM facilities with Mazak and Bridgeport CNC centres and is also equipped with two EDM spark eroding machines. Group Tooling is certified to ISO 9001:2008. We guarantee quality manufactured components with minimal lead times. Certificates of conformation on high-tolerance engineered componentsare available on request. Group Tooling has a wealth of experience with CNC machining of precision components and can assist you with every aspect of your project from design to manufacturing.

Using the latest technology in machinery and software, our Sydney team are able to produce quality products at a competitive price within a short lead time. Complex products can be machined straight from your electronic model. Alternatively, our experienced designers can create these models for you and feed this information into any one of our CNC machines centres.

Why Group Tooling?

Whether your requirement is for a small run of CNC machined components or a new 15 Tonne injection mould with a 12 week build period. Group Tooling offers a turn-key project management solution for all new ventures and any repair work. With our Pro Engineering software driving our CAD/CAM systems, Group Tooling can handle all your projects from start to finish. Our tradesman range from highly experienced tool makers to qualified machinists specialising in high volume production to hand-finished products.


With the ability to manufacture jaw clamps, lifting equipment, jigs, fixtures and even logo engraving, Group tooling can facilitate all mining industry requirements and specialised machining equipment


Group Tooling can manufacture to extremely high tolerances to produce componentry such as bogies, rail wheels, brakes, pins, bushes and bearings. Group Tooling also has the ability to service specialised parts and equipment.


The majority of the products manufactured by Group Tooling for the Automotive Industry are machined and fully finished components. The components are machined from forgings, castings and bars. Our components find applications in Fuel Injection systems, Transmission systems and Steering systems of passenger cars, trucks and commercial vehicles.

Commercial Marine

The marine industry demands a very high standard of reliability and finish. Group Tooling can work in a variety of metals, with all components meticulously finished. Utilising sandblasting techniques and a range of surface treatments to ensure superior performance and resistance to corrosion.


Group Tooling has long been associated with the production of hydraulic and pneumatic components, often avoiding the need for ground surface finishes. One particular field of hydraulics supplied to is that of bolt and stud tightening under closely controlled conditions.


We recognise the exacting standards of quality demanded by the aviation industry and our ISO 9001 accreditation ensures that we have efficient and effective procedures to internationally recognised ISO standards, ensuring consistent quality engineering services