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Injection Moulding


Located in the heart of Sydney's southwest, A Plus Plastics has one of the most comprehensive injection moulding facilities in Australia. Our 13 state of the art, energy efficient moulding machines are all coupled with robotics ensuring consistency through quality and cycle time. A Plus has the capacity to mould products from 5 grams in weight up to a massive 7kg, along with the ability to lift 32 tonne moulds using our unique overhead crane systems.

ISO 9001 and HACCP certification, along with real time monitoring and analysis software on all of our machines, coupled with our experienced team of injection moulding technicians, ensuring we can deliver consistent quality of each moulded product.

Our manufacturing capabilities also include plastic extrusion, structural foam and gas injection moulding, along with post moulding processes such as ultrasonic welding, pad printing, sequential numbering and hot stamping.

If you have a new product design or custom moulding enquiry, click here to download the New Product & Custom Moulding Questionnaire. This form will assist in gathering the required information to quickly assess the manufacture of your product

Injection Moulding
Injection Moulding Machines
Injection Moulding Manufacturer



A Plus Plastics is leading the Australian plastics industry in automation, utilising robotics to minimize labour costs in a forever tightening manufacturing market. Our 13 machines utilise either 3 or 6-axis robots to extract parts from the machines, which enables our skilled operators to often work on 2 or 3 machines at one time. Our robots also guarantee consistency of cycle time, ensuring we can give our customers the most competitive price.

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injection moulding machine parts and function



A Plus Plastics is your one-stop for the delivery of turn-key componentry to value add to existing supply chains. A Plus has the ability to not only mould components, but has a range of assembly services allowing you to focus on your core business activities. Our flexible & dynamic work cells provide an excellent opportunity for customers to reduce costs and add value to their supply chain. Sub assembly allows you to meet your lean manufacturing objectives by providing seamless delivery and execution typically at a lower cost than if performed in your facility.

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injection molding process